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June 29, 2005



Thank you for honoring this day in such a beautiful way. I love you.

Connie Knighton

Hah, and can just see the two of you doing this, too.


Oh...that's lovely. Took me back, too, in that I had my ears pierced, against parental wishes, at 18 (using birthday money) and then, because my father was dying of cancer, had to hide my ears for what seemed a long time afterwards.
For me, it was part of the process of letting go of my father before he left me...
I'm glad it has been a new beginning in your lives :-)


Thank you for this.

I have no recollection of my ears being pierced. I was only 3 months. But I took my daughter when she turned 7 and yes we celebrated with ice cream too :)

Be blessed

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