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November 04, 2005



That was assault, plain and simple assault. Just this week, I sent your husband a comedy clip of George Carlin "The 7 words you can never say on television" which is basically a piece mocking our mores and sensitivities to certain words. He makes the point that words are just words and that being appalled or offended by them is silly. He goes on to say the thoughts or intentions behind a word may be bad but the word itself is just a word. I tend to agree and thought the piece was genius but your experience shows how words can be used as weapons, scarring weapons. This should never have happened. I'm sorry this happened to you.


I often wonder if it makes people feel better to talk to others like this. I wonder if he gave it a second thought, laughed about it or felt any remorse at all.

I would be constantly thinking about it too. Sorry you had to deal with that.


oh sarah, thank you for including the language - it's much more powerful. i am sorry you had to endure such horrible treatment. words can be weapons. this kind of male seems to think of women as only body parts - he probably treats all women the women in his life like urinals. the instant rage he expressed over something so incidental is truly shocking.

it makes me sad for the females in his life - what horror he must pour out on them in day to day life.

thanks for the tip on the movie, sounds like a must see.


I too have appreciated seeing movies recently that are strong social justice messages.
Your experience was horrifying! As Robert said - this is a clear assault. Does that man even wear any shame in knowing he assaulted a woman? I am enraged by his conduct but also by the fact that he gets away with it!
Thank you for writing about this - it needs to be addressed.
I love how your heart sees the women of the DTES as named, belonging in relationship with community and how much you give them in what you are doing.


What Robert said: yup assault for sure
What Leslie said: I'm sorry you had to hear that too
Bobbie: I like the urinal analogy, that's what it is.
Steph: I too love how the women of DTES are given love, honor and a name.
Sarah: my heart was pounding as I read the post. Not sure if it's because I was so mad that he would say it, or more that such an angel should have to hear it.


My heart is pounding now too. I felt like it was being said to me. Kind of like - "if you have done it to the least of these...you have done it to me". I continue to try and teach my boys that words have power and when they occasionally say something that is inappropriate I pray that they will understand and will one day grow to be men who will treat women and speak to them as they should be spoken to. Peace to you today, Sarah. Cathie

Connie Knighton

Dear Sue,
Rob and I were going to watch North Country last night but I couldn't handle the theme...just then. Some other time, I thought. Then this morning, I got time to read a few blogs and here you were writing about it. And writing about your experience of abuse, which came, suddenly, out of the blue, in the midst of what must have been, I assume, an otherwise pleasant day, despite the rain.
And I thought...abuse doesn't happen when we are feeling 'up to it.' Abuse is a gratuitous explosion of feelings and actions inflicted, often, when a victim could not anticipate it or prepare for it. And always, abuse happens when a victim is powerless to avoid it. I wonder if the helpless rage one feels when trapped by an abuser hurts more than a fist in the face. Dear God.
Bless you for the work you do. Bless you for the understanding this post creates.

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