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January 18, 2006



Sarah - Thanks for this, I tracked back to you from my blog, and added some informational sites too.


How horrendous and sad...very sad. It breaks my heart too. We adopted a little girl 11 years ago. I just can't imagine someone else adopting her and doing such horrible things.


I too saw that show. I was speechless...and felt so powerless....however....Sarah, you speak from the bottom of your deepest place...a place HE knows.....and I do believe HE is hearing you.....and speaking to you....rise up, oh daughter, .....perhaps you are being called to these little ones in a "new" way, not only as intercessor and advocate but as a mother....could it be time for you and yours to explore adoption? "gulp, a bold statement tis true".... may HE lavish HIS love on you....and give you the courage and boldness to love extravagantly.....risk...."

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