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February 15, 2006



This is AWEsome, in a very small way, the lost have been found. Tiffany Louise Drew we speak your name.


Tiffany Louise Drew - beloved, beautiful, remembered.

Jennifer Roach


Thanks for sharing this...whew...I'm so glad you got to participate in this. Thanks for sharing.

Connie Knighton

Someone gave this name to a daughter...a name to sparkle, a name to dance, a hopeful name, Tiffany. Someone named her secondly in honour, for some Louise, perhaps, who had been loved. Someone somewhere carries her family name and her memory in their hearts. Tiffany Louise Drew. We too, remember you.

Thanks, Sarah.


Thank you for participating in this event. It is an act of healing.
Tiffany Louise Drew... i hope somewhere you can see what has happened, you can hear your name called, and you can feel loved and remembered.

Sylvia Lalonde

Tiffany was my best friend...I miss her so much!

Tanya Hallmark

I grew up with Tiffany and I am very sad for her family. I will always remember the good times. Forever in our hearts.


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Taryn Potter

I was honored to march in the 2002 "Take back the night" march in in DTES core. I felt the strenght and conviction in every woman, every song and every word. I marched in rememberance of a little firecracker of a girl named Tiffany Louise Drew, we called her 'Tiff.' It haunts my soul that a monster could have hurt such a small meek girl. It makes me weep. It could have been any of us, we need to be the voice for these daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, neices, cousins and friends. We need to stand up and say you can not hurt and oppress us any more. We need to remember these children. We need to pray for our community's loss and our grief. I will always remember Tiff in her girls project jacket, back-combing our hair, sleep-overs and thinking we were the coolest things. I will never forget her laugh! Peace be with you now. Tiff


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Kandice (Miller) Bielert

I was also a childhood friend of Tiff's in Port Alberni. I still remember when I heard her name said on the evening news and I could do was cry and that night I stood in the doorway of my teenage daughter's room, listening to her breath and knowing that Emily, Tiff's Mom, was without her daughter forever, Very true, Tiff was a firecracker and i am very sad that she is gone from this world, but I can not bring myself to say good-bye, so Tiff i say, "until we again, love Kandice" Emily, Kelly and Nikki my heart goes out to you.


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